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Add the Tag Mapping Labels to the Search Filter

Control Center iFix03.  When you create a tag mapping and tag label, the label only displays in the view column.  When you select the add filter, the drop down displays as Tag1 Tag2 etc.  So only administrator of the application know what the Tag maps to.  The add filter for tag mapping is unusable for end user's of the application, as they have no way of know what column is mapped to each Tag. 

IBM supports support states:

Currently when applying a filter the drop-down list is generated from an internal table, not from the tag mapping database. Since there is currently no link between the drop-down and the database, an Enhance Request would be required to have a change considered or implemented that would have the drop-down list linked to the database.

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  • Jul 24 2018
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End Users are requesting the ability to search completed B2Bi File Transfers by Producer and Consumer.  While we have added the tag mapping and label to the product, the mapping label only shows in the view column.  If the tag label is added to the filter, they will be able to quickly generate a summary of all files completed file transfers by Producer or Consumer.  Now they only have the option of utilizing Tag1 Tag2 etc and have no way of know what that tag is mapped to. 

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