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No way to manage multiple known_host keys in Sterling File Gateway and the B2B Integrator

I have a producer of files that uses a load balancer for SFTP connections. This means the known_host key used in the SSH handshake can be any one of 17 different keys. Currently, I manage those in Linux by downloading the keys from their website daily, then dropping the old and adding the new to the /root/.ssh/known_hosts file in our Linux system. There is no way to deal with this in SFG that I can find. known_host keys are kept in the database internally in SFG and not updateable. Plus, I would need 17 different known_hosts key names and cannot automate the update of those keys.

There is also no way to automate the update of these keys. Today, I have a script that deletes the old and adds the new keys on a daily basis by using a GNU tool called wget to pull the public keys from the customer's website and using those keys to update the known_hosts file. I can't do that now since SFG has them maintained in it's internal database.
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  • Jan 8 2018
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