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File Gateway Enhancements

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  • Jul 1 2019
  • Uncommitted Candidate
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File Gateway provides the visibility but taking away the flexibility of under the covers B2Bi provides. With Mailbox and Routing rules we can achieve partner specific prioritization easily in B2Bi but it is not that simple in FG. We could able to manage this using mailbox user exit at the front gate. But we hit a road block at the delivery layer since FileGatewaySendMessage business process is hardcoded. We are raising this enhancement to provide the hooks to call FilegatewaySendMessage BP in a specific queue (Low Priority - on Queue 3, Medium Priority - on Queue 6 and High Priority - on Queue 9) so the partner specific prioritization can be applied.

I/we understand the introduction of provisioning facts in FG. The dynamics have changed since the inception of provisioning facts, make the provisioning facts available as part of the process data in all the layers. This would further simplify the custom delivery protocols. Infact, the custom delivery protocols can be as generic as possible so the partner automation become easy. Allow "." and (+1) (currently it does not allow periods) as value in the provisioning facts add immense value to the product usability.

It is a very common requirement that consumers will have downtime (regular maintenance) or sometimes due to system issues (unplanned), if we can give "hold" or "maintenance window" native function in the product would really help day to day operations team. Ability to configure if the hold files can be delivered by compressing them or individual or in a single session. These are features makes the user experience to the next level.

We have been asked by many other customers for compression and tar in the 2nd/3rd layer. Can we be more flexible to allow both tar and zip in the second/third layer also? So the usability of the feature becomes inbuilt more native vs custom?

Enhancing the system facts: When there are multiple layers defined, all the layers metadata should be available as system facts.Outer Layer File Name, Outer Layer Extension, Inner Layer File Name, Inner Layer Extension etc., Needed this ability for multiple container layers as well.

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