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Introducing "both" authentication option in Sterling File Gateway

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • May 24 2018
  • Uncommitted Candidate
How will this idea be used?

Authentication "both" was introduced a long time back in B2Bi but the same option was not there in SFG trading partner creation screen so I am requesting to add...Basically, this option was introduced to store the password in B2Bi database but at the same time allow to validate the SSO token against external system such as SEAS.

Not having this option in Sterling File Gateway during the trading partner creation is creating pain for the customers.
1. This will be a multi-step process, connection analysts have to create the trading partners with "Local" by typing the password and then finish the creation and go to B2Bi dashboard to change the authentication from "Internal" to "Both" and choose the SEAS Authentication as the external profile.
2. The above creates confusion to the operations team, during the troubleshooting when they go back to SFG screen now the account shows "external" which is not entirely the true authentication. Also imagine if they need to reset the password, now they have to change the authentication to "Local" and reset the password and then go back to B2Bi dashboard (user accounts) and change to "both" option and choose SEAS Authentication as external profile or go directly to B2Bi dashboard (user accounts) and choose "both" and type the password and choose the SEAS Authentication as external profile.
3. Going to B2Bi dashboard/user accounts and making this change forces to give this permission to connection analysts. This introduces a security risk since we need to give access to user accounts menu and they can make the changes.

What is your industry? Aerospace & Defense
What is the idea priority? High
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  • Avatar40.8f183f721a2c86cd98fddbbe6dc46ec9
    Guest commented
    24 May, 2018 02:47pm

    We have a customer with Finance Industry needed this option.