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Concurrent connections exhausted at server.

Currently the SFTP client adapter does the retry of connection only when there is a TCP IP level of error.

But apart from TCP/IP level of error there are many other failure reasons through which a SFTP connection would fail to connect a server.

Sterling FileGateway version 5.2.6 does not attempt to retry a SFTP connection upon the application level failures, such as .


  1. Concurrent connections exhausted at server.


We need a product solution to do the retries when there is an application level failures.

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  • May 23 2018
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How will this idea be used?

The SFTP client adapter supports more than 50 concurrent outbound connections from the SFTPClient adapter to trading partners. It also has an ability to limit total concurrent sessions and sessions per user.


Coming to the parameters you have mentioned,

If you have confiugred them in the SSH remote profile, the value entered for these parameters in the SFTP client begin session service overrides the Connection Retry Count setting in the SSH Remote Profile configuration.


Please find the definition of the parameters as per our documentation/recommendations.


Connection Retries: The number of times the service will try to connect to the Trading Partner System. Connection retries occur only with TCP/IP related issues. Optional. Valid value is any numeric value from 1 to 50. Default is 1.

This value cannot be 0.


Retry Delay: Number of seconds the adapter will wait before retrying. Optional. Valid value is any numeric value from 100 to 7200,000 millisecs.


ResponseTimeout : The maximum number of seconds it can take for the trading partner system to respond before the session times out and terminates. If a number less than 30 is specified, 30 seconds will be used. Optional.


The RetryDelay cannot be set as 0 when a value is set for ResponseTimeout.


While using the ConnectionRetries parameter, set the ResponseTimeout value to wait longer than the total time for RetryDelay and ConnectionRetires parameters. This setting allows the business process to remain active to perform the retries before the session times out and terminates. The following example illustrates the setting where the value of the ResponseTimeout (300) is greater than the total time taken by RetryDelay and ConnectionRetires parameters (30*5=150):


<assign to="ResponseTimeout"> 300</assign>

<assign to="RetryDelay">30</assign>

<assign to="ConnectionRetries"> 5</assign>


If the ResponseTimeout=300 , ConnectionRetries=5 then RetryDelay can be set to 30 , Adhering to the formula below


Response Timeout > Connection Retry Count * Retry Delay

Please see the technote here explaining the same.


If you have further issues with large files there is a blog explaining the troubleshooting methods here.


Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions.


Thanks in advance,




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