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File Arrived Time - the date/time the file is Put to the Sterling File Gateway Producer - persisted

We have a need for the date/time that a file is Put to the Producer Partner, arrives in the Producer mailbox to be retained/persisted throughout the workflow, Process Data. This is needed so that we can then use the date and time information from this to rename the file before it's delivered to the destination. We currently have the RoutingTimestamp available for use when renaming a file in a template but that is for "routing" and not for when the file is Put to SFG. Our clients need to have data entered into their system by a certain time. For instance, their cutoff for the day's entries is 4:00 P.M. They asked that I rename their files to have date/time information so they know when it's arrived. Using the Routing Timestamp won't work as if there is an issue with SFG and it crashes or something for hours, the date/time that is added to a filename would be the "Routing" timestamp - which could be hours after the SFG issue. This could make it seem as if a vendor didn't Put data to here when it was supposed to and data that was to be recorded in the client's system for today wouldn't get recorded until the next day maybe and cause issues. The value that is really best to use for the rename is the date/time as to when the data is Put to SFG - to the Producer mailbox. This information is in the Arrived File information but then is not persisted to be used later. We would like to have it persisted and would also like to be able to select it as a Provisioning Fact in a Routing template - the same as we select the "Routing Timestamp".

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  • Mar 13 2018
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How will this idea be used?

Please see what I listed in the description above about our client needing to have all data that is Put to SFG by a certain time loaded into their system for that day. Please let me know if more details are needed about this. I kept it fairly general but that's it in a nutshell.

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    Ryan Wood commented
    13 Mar 16:56

    Thank you for participating in the Idea Community. Your feedback is much appreciated. We agree that this Idea aligns with our vision for IBM Sterling File Gateway and have accepted this request to an as of now, "Uncommitted Release". We will continue monitor feedback as we work to prioritize this Idea, in the short term, along with the many other great requests we have received.

    Thank You,

    Ryan Wood

    Offering Manager B2Bi-SFG & Global Mailbox


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    15 May 22:35

    I am getting files from DMZ with naming convention ABC_MMDDYYYY.zip

    Folder will contain files with different dates, but i need to fetch file with Current date. 

    I have tried giving the format as ABC_$TS{MMDDYYYY}.zip and ABC_$DS{*

    Both the formats are not working. Is there any approach to do this?