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Machine Learning Module for Watson Cognitive Advisor

Ability to ask Watson questions about supplier/shipment overall prediction or Watson to tell user about the prediction

In order for this idea to happen following are pre-requisites in Ops Center

1. View of daily file feed (21 days, 40 days of daily file feed for supply or shipment)
2. Ability to remove/replace single file in the feed

Once above two are done we will need SSE ML job processing

1. Once we have required data set size such as 40 days or more it would run analysis and predictions for suppliers / shipments
2. Based on the processing user can ask Watson Questions or Watson can recommend items

We will need to define

Which areas users would like to ask questions
Which fields in the file are related to asking questions or predictions

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  • Apr 2 2018
  • Uncommitted Candidate
How will this idea be used?

1. Data Admin will upload file feed - 1 file per day
2. Data Admin can view the data set once minimum number of days files are uploaded
3. Data Admin can change / correct any files in the data set if needed

Daily job processing of the data in SSE / Watson

1. Users can ask Watson questions about
a. Supplier/shipment prediction
b. Other analytical questions once more data is gathered (example after 365 days users can ask compare questions for this year vs last year)
2. Watson may predict and let user know about a certain supplier after certain amount of data is processed

What is your industry? Computer Services
What is the idea priority? Medium
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