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Export of Profiles in Config Center with only specific fields should not be limited to #100

At present when we are exporting the profiles from ConfigCenter it is limiting to only #100 at a time. I guess that was done to avoid session failure.


Scenarios: In case of reviewing the profiles to avoid unnecessary failures.

1, However, When we are trying to export profiles from the Config Center there should be an option to select only specific fields to be included in the exported file. By that only particular fields should be exported.


2, Also the Exported result should not be limited blind number #100, It should be based on the number of lines and time it might consume which should be calculated by the system before it starts exporting. based on that it should result in any specific number that was calculated by the system. Some times that number can be greater than #100 or less than #100 or All the profiles can be exported at once.



a. Exporting  100 envelopes and 100 docExtract profiles from ConfigCenter will results in different time frames because envelope profiles are heavier than the DocExtract profiles. Then, in that case, our system should be limited by only 100 results. it should be based on the calculated time it consumes.

b. When we are trying to export the DocumentExtraction profiles, Typing profiles & schedules, etc which are lightweight than Envelope profiles could be exported in less time than the envelope. Hence all profiles can be exported in a single go.


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  • Aug 24 2019
  • Needs review
How will this idea be used?

1, By adding filters we can select only specific values, that need to be present in the exported list. So that We make the Reviews in a complete way.


2. The Export should not be based on the #100, but it should be based on the forecasted time about to spend on that export.

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