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IBM Sterling Inflight - Map Translation Output File

I am requesting an enhancement to the IBM Sterling Inflight map failure information that is currently provided. We receive the failure information the same as we would get from IBM B2B Sterling Integrator.

However, we do not get to see the resulting, failed output file (X12 or flat file) that was created. In IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, we get both output pieces (XML failure report & the failed output file).

With both pieces of information, we can diagnose the error more quickly and get it fixed.

If you need examples, please let me know.


My rationale is based on the amount of time it may take us to determine the cause of the error so we can resolve it.


  1. Receive mapping failure error in IBM Sterling Inflight
  2. Determine it is a mapping issue (translation report describes the segment/elements)
    1. If we cannot determine the actual error from this translation, we must troubleshoot
    2. For example, an HL:4 loop error in one map may be caused by a missing tracking number while in another map it may be caused by missing serial number labels (MAN segments within the HL:4 loop).
  3. Get the input file from either IBM Sterling Inflight or our BizTalk system
  4. Obtain the source map
    1. May be in our IBM B2B Integrator database
    2. May need to open a case to get the source map from IBM Sterling Inflight production
  5. Compile the map.
  6. Process the flat file from step 3 through the map.
    1. Obtain the same translation report we got from IBM Sterling Inflight
    2. Able to review the output file from the right side of the map
  7. Compare our research with the links/code within the source map
    1. Identify the problem
    2. Determine how to resolve


By getting the output file from IBM Sterling Inflight, we may be able to save several steps of troubleshooting/research.  Thanks.

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  • Nov 9 2018
  • Needs More Information
How will this idea be used?

The output file will be used in conjunction with troubleshooting.  We used the output file from Sterling B2B Integrator during map development and testing.  Having the same option from IBM Sterling Inflight would allow us to troubleshoot in that environment.

What is your industry? Fabrication & Assembly
What is the idea priority? Medium
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  • Admin
    John DELPIZZO commented
    16 Jan, 2019 06:14pm

    Offering Management will engage Support and ask that you be implemented on the Enhanced Error and Notification System which will provide a more robust set of information to troubleshoot with. Will work with your Project Executive to validate this will address the need.