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Test Connection Feature in Inflight while building the TP relationships

We are creating TP communications in Inflight,Whenever we are creating a new TP relationship in inflight, we test the connectivity for both Inbound and Outbound.
For this we are creating a temporary FTP to place the file and create two rules one to pick the file and other router rule to deliver the file to TP.
This is a time consuming process as we have are creating multiple configurations(Internal FTP and two rules) just to test the connectivity.
Instead we can have a test connection feature which will automaically send a test file/ping the TP server.
If any errors like authentication errors,firewall issues and certificate errors can be identified immediately.

By having test connection feature we can avoid multiple internal FTP relationships getting created by each user.
Also, we can avoid creation of temporary rules (FTPReceiveEval and TP Delivery router rule).
Few customers 1000s of rules and adding these temporary router rules will only increase the load and affect the performance of the system.
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  • Dec 21 2017
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