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Allow Workflow to Continue After API has Failed

When creating an API dialog there should be an option to continue workflow even when the API fails. Preferably, it would have conditions to continue based upon what error is received.  

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  • Aug 31 2018
  • Planned for Future Release
How will this idea be used?

Use Case 1: This will be used to assign a unique 5 digit number for each activity executed. In order to simulate a loop I have put together a string of APIs and XSLTs with an exit validation at the end to check that everything that needed to run did so successfully. This check will verify that the API completed successfully and push it back to the start if not. Therefore I need to bi-pass the API failure message I receive that stops the process, so that the user does not need to resolve the error each time.

Use Case 2: In SFG, Get APIs fail if a resource doesn't exist. So unless a check duplicate API exists you cannot check if the resource exists from PEM. If PEM had the ability to check the API error returned and continue depending on the error returned this would add really great value.

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    Guest commented
    24 Jun 09:46am

    Another example: using an API to both retrieve data e.g.{company-number} and also validate {company-number} if I get HTTP 200 I want to continue but if I get HTTP 404 I want to be able to specify a different Response JSON format so that I can retrieve the error message as well as pushing the user back to restart the task/back to the previous dialog so that I can both show the user the error message and get them to correct the error without needing a sponsor user to intervene