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Allow Sponsor More Flexibility in Changing Partner Account User Roles

Here is some information on the issues associated with having a main partner admin associated with every PEM partner account. Let's call this the super admin for the purposes of this email. The super admin is the partner admin who is required to register the entire partner. This association and the need to have a super admin causes several issues. 
  1. Cannot send invite to multiple different email addresses to begin
    • The original invite is sent to the super admin
    • You can technically add a second partner admin to the account before they register, but the partner admin will not receive the email invitation until the super admin registers the account. So this ability is useless and dangerous (explained in issue #2)
    • It requires sponsor intervention each time if the original super admin invited is incorrect
  2. If super admin is incorrect or no longer works there you cannot promote another user to that position
    • It is possible to edit the super admin, but it must be a user who does not already exist.
    • Adding additional users is not helpful if the super admin is incorrect, the additional users will never be able to become the super admin.
    • The super admin is the user who can reset passwords. A sponsor user cannot reset passwords for other users on the partner's account. A sponsor can only reset the password for the super admin. If the super user is no longer valid there is no way to reset the other user's password.
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  • Apr 3 2018
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The limitations of the current Partner Account setup results in difficult Campaign Management and System Administration. When the main partner admin leaves we can easily adjust the account for the new partner admin user whether they are already a user on the account or if they need to be added fresh.

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