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Provide a way to truncate master data tables similar to how transaction data is truncated via self-serve.

Similar to the "Reset Transaction Db" process on self-serve for OMoC there should also be a reset master data which would include all of the tables classified as MASTER or MASTER and TRANSACTION such as the YFS_ITEM table. There are times when it is beneficial to completely reset the data in an environment, the current tools only get part of the way there. This would leave the CONFIGURATION tables alone.

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  • Jun 3 2019
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How will this idea be used?

This will be used to easily truncate the MASTER data tables in OMS.

What is your industry? Retail
What is the idea priority? High
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  • Admin
    Manjunath Subburathinam commented
    13 Apr 07:42pm

    If the data is completely reset, the environment will be rendered useless. All the master data needs to be reloaded and synched up. Precious data like user, permissions and org relationship will also be lost. No further operations are possible on the environment.

    manageItem calls with Action="Delete" is the recommended approach to handle YFS_ITEM.

    If there are still situations that requires frequent data clean up due to data corruptions, we would suggest you to raise a support ticket for our technical teams to review this and find a permanent solution that would address root cause.

    After assessing this ask, providing a master data clean up option is currently not feasible.