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Order Optimizer Dashboard enhancements to 'stores resource pool' map

Enhance the 'stores resource pool' map in the Order Optimizer Dashboard to provide better visibility to metrics.
1. Adjust the refresh behavior so the map pop-ups stay open through refresh of the screen (so they stay open long enough to read)
2. Allow the size of the map to be adjusted or opened in a separate window to allow better viewing / zooming
3. Provide a better sized (e.g. wider and taller) Sourcing Statistics pop-up box when clicking on an individual node; currently it requires scrolling to see metrics
4. Along with #3, revise the metrics in the pop-up to remove (or put at the bottom of the list) 'Run Date', add Node Number, add today's processing plan, and add 'backlog days'
5. Provide more advanced color coding options in the map (e.g. red/yellow/green based on relative backlog days, % capacity consumed for today, node pick performance, etc.) to allow nodes to be compared or ranked vs. each other. Ideally allow the color coding to be driven based on a user-selected metric from a predefined list. Add these available metrics into the node pop-up window if not already present.
6. Along with #5, provide a key defining the relative color coding and valid ranges for that color for that metric (e.g. red if backlog >xx and/or in top xx% of nodes)
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  • Jul 6 2018
  • Planned for Future Release
What is your industry? Retail
What is the idea priority? Medium
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