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BHT03's in Claim Level Rejection 277CA Results Should be Distinguishable

For HIPAA Compliance Check with Claim Level Rejection and 277CA Enabled, the BHT03 values are not distinguishable within the outbound Interchange created by the application.

Mapping a hard-coded value of "277X2140001" to multiple BHT03 locations in the outbound Interchange is not really sufficient to satisfy the following TR3 requirements.

* The BHT03 is the number assigned by the originator to identify the transaction within the originator's business application system.
* The inventory file number of the transmission assigned by the Information Source's system. This number operates as a transaction (batch) control number.

We would like to suggest that the mapping be changed to populate BHT03 with a literal of "277X214" + the Transaction Set Control Number in ST02 of the current 277CA transaction set. This would be minimally compliant with the TR3 requirements and would allow us to avoid custom modifications to the compliance check components.

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  • Jan 20 2020
  • Planned for Future Release
How will this idea be used?

As a the originating source of the 277CA transaction (generated by HIPAA X12 Compliance Check when Claim Level Rejection is enabled), I need to be able to provide BHT03 element content that is distinguishable to that it can be used as a transaction (batch) control number.

What is your industry? Healthcare
What is the idea priority? Low
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