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Add H2 or other single file database adapter to ITX

Current ITX database adapters require heavyweight database infrastructures like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, or at least some type of third-party, separately installed application.  In organizations heavy with red tape and procedures, getting a database installed, getting access to it, or getting permissions to manage it directly can be either impossible or terribly slow.  In our specific case our only database option is Oracle and it is fully managed by a dedicated DBA team and runs on its own maintenance schedule with little to no coordination with affected applications.  We cannot control our tables, cannot administer them directly, can't create or update schemas ourselves, etc.  And we cannot install any other database product.

This has led to our current ITX policy of never using databases directly with maps.  We have eliminated all db activity where possible, and where still required we run async db events outside of the ITX workflows.  We use text files for lookup tables, including ones that may be updated (like X12 control file incrementing).  We have dozens of text files used for lookup and reference that would be much better served as database tables but we cannot afford to lose control and management of them when forced to move into an Enterprise-level db environment (our only other option).

We have researched other ways of doing this in a more database-oriented process without the bureaucracy of the Enterprise Database environment and found the H2 single file database.  There is no installation required as the entire db is within a single file.  It provides a SQL-like API and typical database characteristics.

While not appropriate for large scale usage, it would be perfect to hold lookup tables and other collections of data that need regular referencing by maps.  In the same way that any data file can a data source for an ITX map without additional software installation, an H2 single file database could be created and provided to an ITX map immediately.

Conceptually we see this both as a simple adapter for an input/output map card and also similar to a JAR file loaded with Launcher.  When loaded with Launcher at startup the JAR's classes are available to any map making a JEXIT() call.  Launcher can then manage the H2 database interaction with multiple concurrent events, effectively becoming the db server to avoid conflicts.


Having a fully self-contained database that's available as an adapter for maps or even as a workflow resource in a Launcher environment allows ITX to have db features without the Enterprise-level overhead.

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  • Dec 20 2018
  • Needs More Information
How will this idea be used?

To provide database capabilities in an ITX map or Launcher environment that is fully owned, managed, maintained, and executed by the ITX environment, without any third party software installation or Enterprise-level overhead or licensing costs.

What is your industry? Aerospace & Defense
What is the idea priority? Medium
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    2 Apr, 2019 05:18pm

    I'm available any time to discuss.

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    Luke Raiano commented
    2 Apr, 2019 05:15pm

    Need more information on this customer's use case.  We'll reach out directly to set up some time to discuss