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Ability to import inventory availability into OMS in batch mode and reset any items to o if there is no open releveant demands in OMS

The loadInvnetoryMismatch API is used to bulk load inventory (supply qty for each SKU/location combination) into OMS and this API has a feature (CompleteInventoryFlag) where the API can reset inv to 0 for any items that are not passed in the input to OMS. Using the CompleteInventoryFlag, the external system feeding inventory to OMS can feed inventory only for items with non zero.


If the external system is feeding net available units (on hand supply - open orders released to fulfillment center) to OMS instead of the on hand supply qty, the loadInventoryMismatch API cannot be used and the OMS product provides processAvailabilitySnapshot API to import available qty into OMS. This API calculates the net on hand by adding back specific demands to the available units passed in the input to this API. But, this API does have the feature where we can only pass items with net available units > 0 and expect OMS to reset inventory to 0 for items that are not passed in the input and have no open demands that are released to the fulfillment center.

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  • Apr 1 2019
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How will this idea be used?

Currently, at Tapestry, inventory availability is tracked in SAP and SAP provides net available units t OMS as part of the inventory sync process (full sync). SAP will deduct any open orders sent to the fulfillment center from the net on hand supply to derive the net available units. Please note that SAP tracks demands for all business units (direct to consumer, wholesale, replenishment etc) and not all demands are made visible to OMS (OMS tracks only direct to consumer demands from retail and eComm channels).

The SAP DB view that is exposed to OMS to track inventory availability(for inv full sync) also does not have any date/timestamp indictor to identify which records have been modified. As a result, the number of records in the SAP inv view is very high if we include SKU's with net available as 0 as this can include items that had inventory at any point in time (could have gone to 0 units 2 years ago). To minimize the number of SKU's we process in the OMS inv full sync process, we would like to only include items that have net available units more than 0. By enhancing the processAvailaibltySnashot API to work in a batch mode and have a mode where it can reset inventory for items that are not passed in the input and for which there are no open demands in a specific state, it will help us support the Tapestry inv sync requirements without customizations.

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