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CD for z/OS - customisation of ISPF panel library for scroll amounts & CF enhancement

Hi. I have 2 enhancement requests, but they both relate to the ISPF panels for CD for zOS.


1. The default scroll amount on various panels is set to PAGE. I think the CSR setting is more flexible.
   As the panels do not remember your settings, I have had to amend the following members in the PANEL library, after installing the latest version of software, or any maintenance updates which affect these members. Therefore, can you either make the updates below, or allow the setting to be remembered (saved in your profile?).

Members in new CD V5.2.0 - .SDGAPENU library;

DGA@SN01 (alias DMI#SN01) - amend to be: &AMT   = CSR
DGA@SP01 (alias DMI#SP01) - amend to be: &ZAMT   = CSR
DGA@SP03 (alias DMI#SP03) - amend to be: &AMT   = CSR
DGA@SS01 (alias DMI#SS01) - amend to be: &AMT   = CSR
DGA@ST01 (alias DMI#ST01) - amend to be: &ZAMT   = CSR
DGA@ST02 (alias DMI#ST02) - amend to be: &AMT   = CSR
DGA@UTPI (alias DMIIUTPI) - amend to be: &TBLSCRL   = CSR
DGA@UTPQ (alias DMIIUTPQ) - amend to be: &TBLSCRL   = CSR
DGA@UTPR (alias DMIIUTPR) - amend to be: &TBLSCRL   = CSR
DGA@£100 (alias DMME£100) - amend to be: &AMT   = CSR
DGA@£102 (alias DMME£102) - amend to be: &AMT   = CSR


2. This enhancement is actually the more important of the two. In our organisation, some of our users have a tendency, when using the CF panels, of submitting a process, and then hitting ENTER until they see the COPY COMPLETION message! This inevitably leads to multiple processes being submitted for the same files - leading to process failures, or wasted processing by CD.

I have implemented a fix in a couple of the ISPF PANEL members, to prevent this from happening, and in the process educate the user.

Members in new CD V5.2.0 - .SDGAPENU library;
DGA@CF01 (alias DMI@CF01)
In the )INIT section:
after the line:

  &SPC  = ''                                      /* RESET SPEC. PROCESSING  */

I added the line:

  &O@BUILD = ' '

This will hold the OLD BUILD value.



(unrelated to this, I've also amended the PROCESS NAME variable to default to the user's RACFID - many users don't alter this field, so this now makes it easier for them to find their own processes, rather than the old default of COPYCF:)

  IF (&V@NEWN = ' ')                                                           
    &V@NEWN   = &ZUSER                            /* DEFAULT PROC NAME       */



DGA@CF20 (alias DMI@CF20)
In the )PROC section, I've amended the code block...

 /* *************** BUILD FINAL CMD STRING FOR DMICMD ********************/   
/*                                                         /* 1145461 */      
/*   &V@BUILD = '&V@CF01 &V@SDNS &V@FROM &V@TO'            /* 1145461 */      
     &V@CF01X = '&V@CF01  &V@CFS1 &V@CFS2 &V@CFP1 &V@CFP2' /* 1145461 */      
     &V@BUILD = '&V@CF01X &V@SDNS &V@FROM &V@TO'           /* 1145461 */      
/*                                                         /* 1145461 */      
     IF (&O@BUILD = &V@BUILD)                         /* NO CHANGES MADE     */
       .CURSOR = V@SDSN#                              /* SINCE LAST TIME, SO */
       .MSG = IUCF105I                                /* SET AN INFO MESSAGE */
     &O@BUILD = &V@BUILD                              /* SAVE CURRENT VALUES */
     &CMD1 = ' '                                        /* CLEAR CMD AREA    */
     &CMD2 = ' '                                                              
     &CMD3 = ' '                                                              
     &CMD4 = ' '                                                              

You'll see I've inserted an IF block between the &V@BUILD and &CMD1 lines, to check for changes in the build string - if none, then there's no need to re-submit. I then set the OLD value to the CURRENT value.

This also requires a new message to be added to the .SDGAMENU library;

Add the following to member DGAMCF10 (alias IUCF10);

IUCF105I '                         ' .TYPE=NOTIFY .WINDOW=LRESP
'Process NOT re-submitted.                                        ' +
'                                                                 ' +
'You have already submitted a process with the same information! ' +
'If you have not seen the completion messages yet, then you can ' +
'check on the progress of the copy using option SP from the main ' +
'Connect:Direct menu. '


Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • Apr 23 2018
  • Uncommitted Candidate
How will this idea be used?

This enhancement will increase product usability and save system resources.

Currently, the panels allow multiple processes being submitted for the same files - leading to process failures, or wasted processing by CD.

What is your industry? Banking
What is the idea priority? Medium
DeveloperWorks ID
Link to original RFE
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  • Avatar40.8f183f721a2c86cd98fddbbe6dc46ec9
    Guest commented
    June 26, 2018 08:17


    I’m a bit confused by this E-mail.

    It states that more info is required, but when I review the idea on the web-site again, I can find no questions to answer.

    What info is required….?

    Alan Gilchrist

    Hosting Services, Technology

    RBS Gogarburn, 2nd Floor, House E, PO Box 1000, Edinburgh, EH12 1HQ, Depot Code: 045

    M: +44 7796 190505


    The content of this email is confidential unless stated otherwise.


  • Admin
    Chris Sanders commented
    June 26, 2018 16:17


    Thank you for the response and I'm sorry that the communication was confusing.  I've emailed you directly looking to see if we could schedule some time to discuss these requests with our lead developer.


    Chris Sanders

    Connect:Direct Offering Manager

  • Admin
    Chris Sanders commented
    August 14, 2018 12:59

    Thank you for opening this enhancement request with IBM.  I have reviewed it with my developers and we are all in agreement that this would be a worthwhile enhancement to C:D for z/OS.  We have accepted this as an Uncommitted Candidate and will look to add it to the offering roadmap moving forward.


    Chris Sanders

    Connect:Direct Offering Manager