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Prevent Netmap Node deletion if node is referenced by a Functional Authority

When an admin retires a netmap node that is no longer needed, sometimes we end up with an orphaned Functional Authority (FA) referencing a now non-existent netmap node. To prevent this from occurring, a new functionality could be created where Connect:Direct(C:D)/Control Center checks if there are any FAs referencing the netmap node that is about to be deleted. If there is an FA referencing the netmap node about to be deleted, then a pop-up in Control Center would generate saying the node can't be deleted because it is currently referenced by an FA. If that can't be done, then let the job run and fail with a return code stating the netmap node can't be deleted because it is currently referenced by an FA.

The netmap and FA could be thought of as in a parent/child relationship. The parent can't be removed if there are any dependent children.

This new setup would be useful to prevent residual access definitions (such as FAs with no corresponding netmap entry). This could prevent potential audit findings, and also, it promotes cleaner configurations.

I am unsure if this RFE should be opened under Control Center or C:D.

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  • Aug 26 2019
  • Uncommitted Candidate
How will this idea be used?

As a Connect:Direct admin, i need to retire a netmap node entry.  I need to ensure there are no dependent FAs associated with this node before deleting it and the this RFE would address this situation

What is your industry? Banking
What is the idea priority? Medium
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