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Make the version info in the banner of the CLI commands (direct, ndmcli, ...) & GUIs consult a file in the install tree

We have received several security findings because CD gives version details that will allow hackers info on how to hack the software.

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  • Aug 19 2019
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How will this idea be used?

We would edit the version file with "IBM(R) Sterling Connect:Direct(R) for UNIX "

What is your industry? Banking
What is the idea priority? High
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  • Admin
    Chris Sanders commented
    20 Mar 06:35pm

    Thank you very much for including that additional information. We've discussed this further internally, but don't believe that we'll be able to focus resources on this change in the short to medium term.

    While I understand your explanation we feel that anyone who is granted access to one of these systems should also have basic information available about the system that they are logging into. There are also other ways that a user could view the version information as well which could not be blocked in a reasonable fashion. Those points as well as a lack of broader market interest make it unlikely that we'd be able to focus on this within a reasonable amount of time so this will be declined.

    I do want to thank you very much for using the enhancement request tool and would encourage you to utilize it again if you uncover other ideas that we should consider.


    Chris Sanders

    Connect:Direct Offering Manager

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    Guest commented
    3 Sep, 2019 06:50pm


    Multiple security frame works(PCI-DSS, OWASP, etc.) discuss altering software banners to not provide version data to a potential hacker. By placing the banner in a file external to the executable, then administrator of a Connect:Direct install can customize the banner to show legal messages, remove version info, display help phone numbers, etc.

    Indeed as you mention this should only be accessible to users that have access, however, many of the most damaging penetrations of enterprise systems arise from internal actors or valid accounts that have been compromised. Please consider this enhancement as a way to allow your customers to meet this requirement. By comparison understand that sFTP provides this capability.


  • Admin
    Chris Sanders commented
    30 Aug, 2019 02:15pm

    Thank you for opening this enhancement request with IBM. I have reviewed it thoroughly with my team and we aren't quite sure we understand the security implications that you've mentioned.

    The C:D CLI should only be accessible by users that have permissions to interact with C:D. We would expect that these users should know the version/maintenance that is being used as they would have access to perform other tasks such as submitting processes, checking the status of transfers, potentially making configuration changes, etc. If we have overlooked a specific reason that you believe this causes security concerns I'd be happy to review further however.


    Chris Sanders

    Connect:Direct Offering Manager