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Better way to extract user info related to users setup under Functional Authorities to show their level of access in easily view able report for AUDIT reasons

For PCI Audits we have to confirm user info on who has access to our C:D in Functional Authorities and what their level of access is GENUSR or ADMIN, currently the export user config dumps all this info for users in Functional Authorities as well as proxies in one long report with no way to easily compare who is general user and who has admin access. We find it clunky and we have to manually remove proxy users to provide report for internal users setup under Functional Authorities and there is no easy compare to say GENUSR or ADMIN.

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  • Oct 24 2018
  • Functionality already exists
How will this idea be used?

As an application owner I need to provide quarterly reviews of user access to our C:D environment and an easily exportable functional authorities report with just users and their access level under functional authorities that we could pull from C:D Requester and not have to be on the actual C:D Server to export user config that is not very user friendly in terms of comparing user access in addition to it dumps all proxy users setup as well.

What is your industry? Computer Services
What is the idea priority? High
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  • Admin
    Chris Sanders commented
    2 Nov, 2018 03:25pm

    Thank you for opening this enhancement request with IBM.  I have reviewed it thoroughly with my team.  Unfortunately I will not be able to accept this request as these capabilities are already available in IBM Control Center (CC).  CC is the governance and visibility solution for the IBM MFT portfolio and is targeted directly for these types of use cases.  If you are not familiar you may want to reach out to your sales rep to ask for some details.  Thank you for using this request tool and please don't hesitate to use it again if you think of other ideas we should consider.


    Chris Sanders

    Connect:Direct Offering Manager