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Allow the Connect:Direct File Agent to use certificates for authentication

Using certificates would remove the need to manage passwords and keep them synced with local accounts.  There was an update to the API to allow secure+ certificates to be used for authentication.  I believe the same concept can be used for File Agents.

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  • Mar 22 2018
  • Uncommitted Candidate
How will this idea be used?

We already have over 600 Connect:Direct File Agents deployed throughout all of our environments.  Managing all the passwords and syncing them between sites becomes cumbersome since we are not allowed to centralize accounts.  Switching to certificates would reduce our management effort and increase security since there is no longer a need to store the password in the File Agent configuration.

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    Guest commented
    17 Apr, 2019 08:40pm

     I think it would be a very nice option.   I did read that the API now has the ability to use certificates for authentication.  That could be ported over to the File Agent.

  • Avatar40.8f183f721a2c86cd98fddbbe6dc46ec9
    Guest commented
    22 May, 2018 08:54am

    Hello Chris,

    this would be a valid option, but currently the FA has no capabilities of
    a keystore where a client certificate could be stored.
    If this could be implemented it would be a great enhancement.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / kind regards

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  • Admin
    Chris Sanders commented
    18 May, 2018 06:23pm

    Thank you for opening this enhancement request with IBM.  I have reviewed it with my team and we agree that password maintenance for File Agent should be easier  We will accept this enhancement request as an uncommitted candidate with the goal of improving this experience.  I cannot guarantee that certificates will be used for this activity, but will look to add a roadmap item to minimize password maintenance effort for File Agent.


    Chris Sanders

    Connect:Direct Offering Manager

  • Avatar40.8f183f721a2c86cd98fddbbe6dc46ec9
    Guest commented
    4 May, 2018 04:35pm

    How would your suggestion apply to the File Agent API user?