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Ability to invoke a business processes in a specific queue

In SBI we know that we can assign BPs to a particular queue(s), and that the execution control service can be used in cases where we want to change the priority of a BP during execution, but there doesn't seem to be a way to ensure that an asynchronously invoked BP starts in a specified queue.

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  • Mar 6 2019
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If you execute the attached MAIN BP, you ll see that it invokes 25 children that sleep for 2 minutes in queue 4. It also invokes a PROOF child that is set to queue 4. Its first step is an execution control service to attempt to change it to queue 7. We d like to know if there is a way to invoke the child directly in queue 7, but not have to change its default queue to queue 7.

What is your industry? Healthcare
What is the idea priority? High
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    06 Mar 19:04

    attaching the BPs

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    Guest commented
    07 Mar 10:35

    I did try and implement a solution with Execution Control Service and in line processes and it is fundamentally flawed. By that I mean the process seems to not want to jeopardise itself. If the queue you are trying to move it to is in a state of backlog then it refuses to switch and continues to process in the starting queue which causes the main “Entry” queue to quickly fall in to backlog which generally causes more problems than you were trying to solve.

    The closest thing to an intelligent solution is to have multiple copies of a stub process with the queue number in the name which calls the “Master” process in-line. This has two drawbacks, one of additional maintenance and complexity but secondly and more importantly loosing onFault ability for some in-line processes further down in the process this is difficult to spot and test for. This also depends on a number of competing factors (like other onFault for example) and requires thought and re-design. It can be done but it’s a really poor work around and horrible to support.

    This functionality is sorely needed for performance solutions.