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Security enhancements for HSM

Minimum security requirements:
• The cryptographic strength of a wrapping key must be at least as strong as the keys it is protecting. RSA 2048 does not meet the protection for AES256 keys.
• Alerting must be in place when the password file system is read by a user account other than SFG system account.
• Where a solution/technology has been designed to operate with an embedded HSM card and/or HSM appliance from a vendor and the HSM is used to perform cryptographic functions (e.g. encrypt, decrypt, key generation, key wrapping, data signing, etc), then at a minimum the HSM must be used to protect master keys and the private portion of asymmetric keys. Note, storing a key in a HSM exclusively for key backup/archival purposes is not a cryptographic function.

For elevated cryptographic security:
• Use an HSM to randomly generate keys, i.e. AES keys used for data encryption.
• When session keys are not stored within an HSM (for future use), encrypt data encryption/session keys for system storage using a master wrapping key retained exclusively within an HSM.
• Connect to the HSM using the minimum required version of TLS (currently 1.2).
• Maintain persistent connections to the HSM, however periodic connection refreshes are recommended (e.g. daily).
• For implementations where a password must be presented to an HSM when connecting, retain the password in an external password management system (example: Centrify)

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  • Nov 1 2018
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Enhance security around HSM

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