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Option for Bulk download of maps from SI/SPE

Currently we only have an option to download maps one at a time from SI/SPE.

There are instances where we get PMRs to provide the complete list of maps/MRS for a particular customer. In such scenarios it is very difficult to download the map one at a time as there will be around 100-200 maps for the particular customer. It will take lot of effort and time for downloading the maps from SI/SPE in such cases.

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  • May 7 2018
How will this idea be used?
  • It will be used for bulk downloading the maps at a time instead of one at time by all the end-users on day to day work
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    Guest commented
    September 24, 2018 14:10

    I have run into the same issue and ask for this before.


    The only way I have been able to do mass down loads is:


    1. Do an export of the maps but on the first screen select “Installation Bundle”. At the end do the “Down Load” and it will create a InstallBundleExport.jar
    2. Rename the InstallBundleExport.jar to InstallBundleExport.jar.zip.
    3. Open the InstallBundleExport.jar.zip and extract the Export.war.
    4. Rename it to Export.war.zip.
    5. Open the Export.war.zip and it will contain all of the .map and .txo files.