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As part of the PER team we are responsible for on-boarding new trading partners for our customers and one of the basic and primary task related to it are creating envelopes in SI Dashboard for the partners.For Outbound envelopes where we need to point a certain select set of ST,GS and ISA envelopes for a particular partner we have to choose manually the next GS envelope for a ST OR the next ISA envelope for a particular GS envelope. As there are thousands of envelopes for few customers in a pod the drop down takes a lot of time to open up in the dashboard and sometimes it wont open where we need to select the desired envelope by manually by going through all the envelopes .The envelopes are stored alphabetically and manually checking the drop down for each envelope to find the one you want to point to gets tedious and time consuming as too many envelopes will be there.

Solution : If we can have a filter along with the drop down where we can search the particular envelope based on the name/id's/functional code . For example if a supplier comes with a request of change in its EDI ID to "XYZ" ,after editing the existing envelopes for the particular transaction set if we can have a filter where we can use the supplier ID "XYZ" to find the corresponding envelopes for the partner, excluding the envelopes of the rest ,it will be much easier for us to point to the respective GS/ISA rather manually selecting each of them in the drop down . Adding filters like functional codes "SH" for an 856 along with the sender, receiver ID's will further refine the search for example if i am creating outbound 997 envelopes filtering with the functional code the drop down will only prompt/show me 997 GS OR ISA envelopes to point to and not of other transaction sets.
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  • Dec 19 2017
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