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Limitation on LWJDBC adapter

I have extracted this description from my customer:
Would like to draw your attention about the usage of LWJDBC adapter, it spent so much time for this case. The reason is we need to ensure 525 to support multiple language for different scenario. Finally, we need to give up on using this tool as it has unexpected limitation, such as not support in store procedure in Oracle & MySQL. If this is something new, I think we are OK to wait for the update. However, the usage of store procedure is so common at App level. It doesn't make sense to give up all store procedures and we need to write select statement in SI for each interface/process. Below is our finding on each of DB that we are using. Pls see if you can raise this to your management to see how this can be fixed!!!

Our finding:
Oracle encoding : al32utf8, CLOB only supports in select statement and single output parameter for store procedure
MS SQL encoding : SQL_Lantin1_General_CP850_BIN (existing DB setting is using SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS). However, this setting will affect case sensitive in SQL statement and will affect all programs in app level
MySQL encoding : UTF8, LWJDBC doesn't support store procedure in MySQL

Solution: Continue to use existing customized service adapter instead of LWJDBC adapter in 525 but the drawback is SI needs down time for new / change on the service adapter. Since our system is 7 x 24 plus SI HA set up is not truly active-active mode, it's not easy to ask for down time.

Another thing is to create new 3rd DB connection, it needs down time for the set up. Even refresh the DB property, we believe that it will affect all db connections from the below command. In maintenance perspective, it is quite annoying and difficult for us to manage the system.

At node1: ./bin/opscmd.sh -cREFRESHJDBC -nnode1
At node2: ./bin/opscmd.sh -cREFRESHJDBC -nnode2
At node3: ./bin/opscmd.sh -cREFRESHJDBC -nnode3
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  • Dec 19 2017
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