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Does Sterling B2B Integrator 5.2 have Indexes that can be removed?

Index# Index Name POS Column Name
1 perf_idx_1 1 ASC basic_status
2 ASC start_time
3 ASC workflow_id
4 ASC wfd_id

2 perf_idx_2 1 ASC start_time
2 ASC workflow_id
3 ASC step_id
4 ASC activityinfo_id
5 ASC wfd_id

3 perf_idx_3 1 ASC wfd_id
2 ASC start_time
3 ASC workflow_id
4 ASC step_id
5 ASC activityinfo_id

4 perf_idx_4 1 ASC workflow_id
2 ASC start_time
3 ASC step_id
4 ASC activityinfo_id
5 ASC wfd_id

5 perf_idx_5 1 ASC workflow_id
2 ASC branch_id
3 ASC step_id
4 ASC basic_status
5 ASC activityinfo_id
6 ASC next_ai_id
7 ASC wfe_status

6 sci_idx_109 1 ASC workflow_id
2 ASC branch_id

7 sci_idx_113 1 ASC prev_wfc_id

8 sci_idx_120 1 ASC workflow_id
2 ASC basic_status
3 ASC next_ai_id
4 ASC activityinfo_id
5 ASC archive_flag

9 sci_idx_125 1 ASC wfd_id
2 ASC wfd_version

10 sci_idx_173 1 ASC branch_id

11 sci_idx_195 1 ASC end_time
2 ASC wfd_id
3 ASC wfd_version
4 ASC step_id

12 sci_idx_3 1 ASC workflow_id

13 sci_idx_6 1 ASC doc_id

14 sci_pk_27 1 ASC wfc_id

Indexes (2) and (3) same columns but different order. Its perfectly OK and valid to have this but if you look at index (3) where wfd_id is the leading column, it has 218 distinct values (NDV) out of 241 millions rows. Is that valid leading column? Probably not. If you take that one column out of the picture, rest of the columns between index(2) and (3) are same. So, do we need one of these indexes?

Index (12) is on column workflow_id and that column is a leading column on many other indexes. I feel thats redundant but some may disagree. Having index on its own may reduce the scope of "RANGE INDEX SCAN" but if that query( just by workflow id) is not used that often, then that index can go.
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  • Dec 19 2017
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